Trend Analysis using Amibroker

Learn Trend Analysis using Amibroker

Attention : Equity / Commodity Traders & Investors

Here is an opportunity to Learn and Use 


(Amibroker is world's leading Technical Analysis software)

What is Amibroker?

Amibroker is one of the finest and favourite charting software used world over.  It has rich features that would be very useful  for Day / Positional Traders.  You can trade any market with this viz. Equity, Futures & Options, Commodities, Forex, etc. It runs very fast and handles Databases very efficiently.  This software is available at a one time cost compared to its peers where monthly / yearly charges applicable. 

WhyAmibroker Training?

Amibroker User Manual has over 1200 pages.  For  busy and impatient traders, it would be practically quite difficult to go through this User Manual, perhaps it might take months to learn the software operation fully.  Without proper understanding of this software, one can not use the software fully with all the important features.


We provide professional training to use Amibroker Software after linking  historical NSE EOD data and NSE IEOD or NSE Real Time Data.  We also provide you a complete Trading Solution for all your trading needs.  Upon completion of my professional training, you can trade Equity or F&O or Commodities or Currency Markets for Day Trading or Positional Trading successfully.  You do not need any tips or advise from anybody to trade any kind of market and can even be in a position to offer advise to your friends or your well-wishers. 

Please click here to view the demo file (PPT file) 

My Trading Systems are unique in nature and  you can confidently trade any market in any kind of trend and best of all, in any time frame.  The Trading System will plot accurate Support / Resistance Levels with clear Targets which is being followed by Financial Institutions.

We also cover Basic Technical Analysis for trend analysis  and market direction which is a must for anyone whether you trade or take any short / long term investment decision.

Nifty Option Trading System

Would you like to trade Nifty Options / Nifty Futures and multiply your money within a short period?  Well, complete guidance like trading strategy and trend identification, etc. for the same is available.

 MCX Trading System

My  Trading System for MCX Commodities is very simple but very effective which can be viewed from the Gallery. 

Along with training you will be provided with :

(a) Video tutorials in Flash Movie format reg usage of Amibroker software in detail and also trading methods, data maintenance, etc
(b) NSE EOD data for over 15 years and MCX EOD data for 5 years
(c) Scanners to be used with Amibroker software

Other information:

  1. Teamviewer 9.0  with PC Headphone for  high quality free voice chat using Skype
  2. Broadband Internet speed of 512 kbps or higher . 
  3. Duration of training shall be 3-4 hours in one or two sessions.
  4. Training only in English.
  5. Upto 1 week of  free assistance shall be provided and threafter it will be charged extra. 
  6. Refund : Fees once paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances. 
  7. Training shall be provided with Amibroker trial version and users are strongly advised to purchase Licenced software from the software vendor after the trial period is over.
  8. Real Time Trial data for 5 days shall be provided free of charge   and thereafter data charges, depends on the type of data plan you choose, shall be payable directly to the data provider.  Free 5 days data is available only if  you have not tried that service in your system earlier.

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